Status: This project is in progress

Many seniors seen by community-based specialized geriatric services at home and in emergency departments have medication-related issues that are contributing to problems such as cognitive impairment, falls, weight loss and urinary incontinence. These problems often lead to hospitalization and premature avoidable deterioration, concomitantly placing an unnecessary strain on limited health system resources.

AHRQ pharmacist provided problem-based MedsChecksResearch question

This applied health research question will employ an overview of existing systematic reviews to determine whether pharmacists can provide  “problem-based MedsChecks” that serve as a consultation to primary care practitioners who are interested in strategic deprescribing based on clinical problems encountered by an individual older patient.

The overview will be followed by the meeting of a working group to determine how the findings from the review could be applied in developing an Ontario-specific approach to pharmacist consultation for strategic deprescribing.

Submitter: Dr. Frank Molnar, Medical Director
Regional Geriatric Program of Eastern Ontario

Project lead: Lisa Dolovich

For more information about this applied health research question, please contact Susan Dimitry, AHRQ administrator.