Status: This project is in progress

As a Professional Pharmacy Services Subgroup, one of the goals of the provincially representative Pharmacy Directors Forum is to examine the potential for implementing a pan-Canadian structure for medication management services. This would allow the Pharmacy Directors Forum to garner both the value and impact of medication management services throughout the country.

Research question

ahrq Pan-Canadian medication management planningThis AHRQ will address the following:

  1. What are the provincially funded, community pharmacy–delivered medication management services implemented in each province and what is the structure of each service?
  2. What is the appropriate means of determining a pan-Canadian structure for each medication management service?
  3. What performance measures and information collection systems for each pan-Canadian medication management service are necessary to determine the impact of each service on patient outcomes?

These questions will be addressed by reviewing the existing literature on medication management planning, conducting key informant interviews with stakeholders across the country, and holding a consensus meeting facilitated by the AHRQ project lead.

Submitter: Brent Fraser, Director, Drug Programs Services
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Project lead: Lisa Dolovich

Research assistant: Ava Nainifard

For more information, please contact Susan Dimitry, AHRQ administrator.

Presentations to knowledge users
  • Lisa Dolovich gave a presentation titled “Pan Canadian professional pharmacy services” at the Ontario Council meeting (January 2015).