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Pharmacy students in Ontario are currently prohibited from administering immunizations to the public, but other jurisdictions in Canada, as well as the United States, have adopted this medium of vaccine administration to improve health system capacity and to improve the readiness of pharmacy students to provide these services upon receiving their accreditation. However, before the Canadian Pharmacists Association can consider the recommendation that Ontario pharmacy students be permitted to administer vaccinations, the benefits and risks associated with this practice must be fully explored.

AHRQ Ontario pharmacy students as immunizersResearch question

To assess benefits and risks, the following questions will be addressed through a jurisdictional scan and a comprehensive scoping review of grey and published literature.

  1. What evidence exists regarding the risks and/or benefits associated with pharmacy students as immunizers?
  2. What are the current guidelines, regulations and uptake of immunization programs involving student learners?

Submitter: Janet Cooper, Senior Director
Canadian Pharmacists Association

Project lead: Nancy Waite

Journal publications
  1. pharmacy students as immunizers scoping reviewChurch D, Johnson S, Raman-Wilms L, Schneider E, Waite N, Pearson-Sharpe J. A literature review of the impact of pharmacy students in immunization initiatives. Can Pharm J. 2016;149(3):153–65.

2014 Canadian Immunization Conference • Ottawa, ON • Dec 2–4, 2014

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Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2014 Annual Meeting • Montréal, QC • Jun 10–13, 2014

  • Pharmacy students as immunizers: Review and policy recommendations (oral)
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2014 Canadian Pharmacists Conference • Saskatoon, SK • May 31–Jun 3, 2014

  • Pharmacy students as immunizers: Review and policy recommendations (oral, abstract as PDF)
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