Status: This project is complete

To promote the optimal use of pharmacy-based services and increase access to care, the Ontario Pharmacists Association has initiated this applied health research question to determine which vaccinations would be most effectively available within a pharmacy setting.

AHRQ improved prevention and control of infectious diseaseResearch question

The following will be addressed through a jurisdictional and legislative scan, as well as a systematic review of existing literature.

  1. What infectious disease vaccinations would be most effectively available within a pharmacy setting?
  2. Of those vaccinations currently and potentially publicly funded, how should the OPA prioritize pharmacist administration of these based on the following factors: current demand within Ontario, storage requirements, health outcome, public-health need and cost-effectiveness?
  3. What are the existing regulations and guidelines that would influence pharmacist administration of vaccinations for infectious diseases, as well as barriers, facilitators and recruitment strategies?

Submitter: Allan Malek, Senior Vice President, Professional Affairs
Ontario Pharmacists Association

Project lead: Nancy Waite

For more information, please contact Dana Church, research coordinator