Status: This project is in progress

The Ontario College of Pharmacists is developing a practice site–based pharmacist and pharmacy technician assessment and continuous improvement program. Its purpose is to support practitioners’ ability to practice to the standards and full scope of the profession, thereby achieving best patient outcomes.

The current practice-site inspection process, however, focuses minimally on practitioner activities so the impact on patient care may not be as significant as it could be.

Research — baseline evaluation

AHRQ baseline evaluation to develop a practice site assessment and continuous improvement programBefore initiating the new assessment process, the Ontario College of Pharmacists would like to conduct a baseline evaluation.

The research will be used to determine if the new evaluation process has affected the practice of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and affected patient care. The research will be also be used to determine how the evaluation process should be modified to improve effectiveness.

To achieve this, a descriptive analysis will be performed on data collected by Clinical Practice Advisors during pharmacist–patient interactions throughout the winter of 2015.

Submitter: Sandra Winkelbauer, Manager, Continuing Competency, Ontario College of Pharmacists

Project lead: Lisa Dolovich

For more information about this applied health research question, please contact Susan Dimitry, AHRQ administrator.