CANImmunize — a new app to keep track of your immunization records

canimmunize bannerThe vaccination information you need to help keep you and your loved ones safe can now be found in the palm of your hand. CANImmunize is a new mobile app that tracks your immunizations on a smartphone or tablet.

This innovative free app is the brainchild of Dr. Kumanan Wilson, a physician researcher at The Ottawa Hospital. Together with his team, Dr. Wilson developed the free, bilingual tool for all Canadians to use.

The CANImmunize app is useful for everyone — from travellers to new parents to families with older children.

The CANImmunize app is easy to navigate. You can simply add you and all of your family members’ profiles by typing in names, birth dates, health numbers, and your home province.

Then, every time you or your child receives a vaccination you simply check it off on the app.

It allows you to carry the entire family’s immunization information wherever you go.

The app will also send notifications to your phone when your child is due for his or next shot. You can easily see what immunization they need to receive and when to get it.

Find out more about this innovative new app to keep track of your immunization records.

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