Wasem AlsabbaghWasem Alsabbagh, BSc Pharm, PhD
Member, Pharmacists as immunizers project
Member, Mapping health geography data and pharmacy access project

Wasem is a member of OPEN’s Pharmacists as immunizers project, a study that’s evaluating the effectiveness and uptake of influenza vaccination in pharmacies, a service community pharmacists can provide to their patients. He is also a member of the Mapping health geography data and pharmacy access project, an OPEN study that is examining the geographic distribution of community pharmacies relative to the residential concentrations of vulnerable populations.

Wasem received his bachelor of science in pharmacy in 2000 from Damascus University in Syria. He moved to Canada in 2004, and started the International Pharmacist Program at U of T in 2005. He received his PEBC and Ontario licence in 2006, and his NABP with Michigan licence in 2007. He practised as a hospital pharmacist in Orillia, Ontario until 2008, then moved out west to start an MSc in clinical pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan.

He transferred to the PhD program in 2010, and started his tenure-track appointment with the School of Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo in October 2014.

Wasem’s research focuses on pharmacoepidemiology, drug safety and effectiveness, and delivery of pharmaceutical care, especially in vulnerable populations and among individuals of low socioeconomic status. During his PhD program, he performed research on medication adherence, socioeconomic status, and major health outcomes using population-based data from Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Health. He has published on pharmacy practice research and has performed a systematic review in addition to conducting several drug use research studies.