Nedzad PojskicNedzad Pojskic, HonBSc, MSc, PhD
Member, Pharmacist services evaluation framework project
Member, MedsCheck and Pharmaceutical Opinion Program project
Member, Pharmacist prescribing project
Member, Pharmacists as immunizers project

Dr. Nedzad Pojskic is the Pharmacy Strategy Leader at Green Shield Canada. In this role, he works with the strategic market solutions team to develop innovative programs, including optimizing the use of professional pharmacy services. Nedzad is also an adjunct lecturer at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. From 2011–15 he was the Director of Health Policy for the Ontario Pharmacists Association.

Nedzad completed a master’s and PhD in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Toronto. He also completed the Collaborative Graduate Program in Health Services and Policy Research offered by the Ontario Training Centre in Health Services and Policy Research.

Nedzad is a member of four OPEN research studies — the Pharmacists services evaluation framework project, MedCheck and Pharmaceutical Opinion Program project, Pharmacist prescribing project and Pharmacists as immunizers project.

Nedzad’s previous research has focused on policy analyses of expanded pharmacists’ scope of practice and interprofessional collaboration in primary care. More recently, he has conducted research evaluating the impact of professional pharmacy services on patient health outcomes and health system utilization.