Jonathan BlayJonathan Blay, PhD
Member, Capacity-building team
Member, Pharmacist bias and pharmaceutical care project

Jonathan Blay is a Professor and the Associate Director, Research and Graduate Studies, at the University of Waterloo’s School of Pharmacy.

As an award-winning teacher in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and science, Jonathan brings his pedagogic expertise and infectious enthusiasm to the capacity-building team, the cross-thematic group that provides OPEN’s students with diverse and rewarding individual, experiential and applied-learning opportunities in pharmacy practice and health service research. He is also a member of the Pharmacist bias and pharmaceutical care project, a study that’s examining implicit and explicit bias of pharmacists towards racial and ethic minority populations.

Jonathan’s research interests span many areas of cancer therapy. His laboratory is investigating mechanisms that lead to the spread of colorectal cancer and ways to interfere with metastasis — the spread of a cancer from one organ or part to another organ or part. His research investigates the microenvironment of cancer tissue, chemokine pathways, and tumour-initiating cells, as well as the capacity of both synthetic and natural product–derived agents to interfere with the steps that favour metastasis.