James ConklinJames Conklin, PhD
Co-lead, Knowledge translation and exchange team
Co-PI lead, Deprescribing guidelines for the elderly project

James Conklin is a Scientist in the Bruyere Research Institute’s Care of the Elderly program and an Associate Professor with the Department of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University in Montreal. James co-leads OPEN’s Knowledge translation and exchange team.

He co-leads with Barb Farrell OPEN’s Deprescribing project, a research study that will pilot and evaluate an emerging interprofessional service that has as its goal the development of guidelines to reduce and discontinue drug use in the elderly.

As a co-lead of the Knowledge translation and exchange team, James is also an ex officio member of OPEN’s Advisory Committee.

James teaches graduate courses in Concordia’s Human Systems Intervention MA program, and undergraduate courses in group dynamics. His research interests focus on the factors that contribute to effective performance in individuals, groups and teams, and in the role of knowledge diffusion in planned change. Before entering academia, James operated a consulting company with offices in Ottawa and Winnipeg that worked in areas such as organizational change, knowledge transfer, program evaluation, and stakeholder engagement.

James holds degrees from the University of Manitoba, the University of Waterloo, York University, and Concordia University.

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